How old a child starts using an electric toothbrush

//How old a child starts using an electric toothbrush

How old a child starts using an electric toothbrush

     The most popular electric toothbrush since its launch, the children’s electric toothbrush is the most popular among consumers. Mom and Dad always want to give the best to their children and not let him suffer any harm. Since the child grows from the first tooth, it is actually necessary to start cleaning the mouth. Now the child is eating too delicate, and the deciduous teeth are prone to long tooth decay. If the oral toothbrush is not cleaned, the toothache will accompany the child’s growth. Children will be very painful, and their parents will be more distressed by their children. Therefore, parents like to use efficient and convenient methods to protect their teeth health. Children’s Sonic Electric Toothbrush is the best choice.

     However, when parents buy children’s toothbrushes, they don’t know how to choose them. How old could use electric toothbrushes, what kind of use, how to choose the brush head, etc.

     Then the child’s teeth are relatively fragile. Generally, the electric toothbrush cannot be used immediately. It needs to be used at a certain age before the child can use the electric toothbrush.

   Usually children can use children’s electric toothbrush after 3 years old. At this time, the child is still younger. It is recommended that parents should help the child to brush their teeth, because it is often difficult for children to clean their teeth. Even with electric toothbrushes, it is more difficult to brush in place.

   Children 3-4 years old are advised to use under the supervision of their parents. 3 Tops let you know why

  • There is a safety hazard in the separate design of the brush head and the handle

      If the electric toothbrush used by the child is a split type, if the brush head falls and there is a risk of being swallowed by the child during brushing, you must choose an integrated toothbrush when you choose an electric toothbrush for your child. Avoid dangerous situations.

  • The child can’t hold the toothbrush handle very well because his own palm is too small.

      Children’s electric toothbrushes should be suitable for the length and thickness of the toothbrush handle. The proper handle design can make the child use very handy, so you can’t choose too heavy, too long, too thick toothbrush. There are many toothbrushes on the market that do not meet this condition. Therefore, it is recommended that parents assist the 3-4 year old child to complete brushing and reduce the oral damage caused by excessive force.

  • Children accidentally injure themselves

      In general, children do not use electric toothbrush correctly, which is more likely to cause damage to the younger gums, causing redness and swelling of the gums. At the same time, there will be worn teeth, which may cause periodontitis and cause the teeth to fall off. Children over 5 years old and under 10 years old are best to use children’s toothbrushes, parents should also pay attention to teach children the correct way to use.

So, how to choose a children’s electric toothbrush? I have the following suggestions for your reference.

  • Smaller power

    Electric toothbrushes for children are best to choose electric toothbrushes with lower power, because children’s teeth and gums are more fragile, and children can’t get the toothbrush properly, so the power is as small as possible. Usually the function should be below 3 watts.

  • Small brush and super soft

    First of all, the brush head should be small, the bristles should be super soft, and secondly, the cute shape can attract children to brush their teeth, the shape of the toothbrush or the fun function, the beautiful color can attract the interest of brushing their teeth, the soft bristles can protect the child’s teeth and Gum. Never use a hard brushed head for your child.

  • Choose famous brand products and high quality products

    In addition, as far as possible, choose the big brands that focus on electric toothbrushes, for example, Philips, Oral B, although the price will be a bit expensive, but the quality and professionalism are more guaranteed. Also. Smartsonic+ is specially designed for children with an LED reminder light electric toothbrush. The brush head is made of a child-specific brush, and the brush head is soft. Even if the child is overpowered, it will not hurt his gums.

The LED light reminds it that it will increase the child’s interest in brushing teeth. One day, brushing tooth once, one star will flash, and once in the evening, the first star will always light up. The next day, the second star will light up. Continuous brushing teeth twice a day for 7 days, There have 6 stars long bright, 1 moon is bright, and this function can also help parents check the child whether finishes brushing teeth. Every day, parents only need to check the LED light on the toothbrush. For details, check out this video.

Wireless Rechargeable electric toothrbrush for kids
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