How to identify the waterproof level of electric toothbrush?

//How to identify the waterproof level of electric toothbrush?

How to identify the waterproof level of electric toothbrush?

As we all know, electric toothbrush must have a certain waterproof ability, and waterproof ability is also one of the important indicators to determine the service life of this product. Waterproof testing can be divided into different grades according to national standards. The waterproof performance of electric toothbrushes generally needs to reach IPX5, IPX7 or even higher waterproof level. So how does the manufacturer perform waterproof testing?

1.Individual buyers may not go to a professional institution to test, because there is no need for this, and the cost will be too high

The individual buyer tests the method by placing the product in water, observing whether it has bubbles, or taking the product out of the time to see if his performance has changed.

2.Professional buyers, such as dentists, dental clinics, or buyers in the industry of teeth whitening, want to introduce electric toothbrush products, whether to choose this supplier’s products for OEM brand in the future, then test products waterproof Performance, it is recommended that you can check the waterproof performance of the electric toothbrush through the gas-waterproof detector.

   It is a kind of air-tight detector. It is a kind of electric toothbrush that we use with compressed air as the medium and mainly by differential pressure. Its waterproof ability is roughly judged as such, but usually the manufacturer will indicate the level of waterproof performance of the model he sells. Therefore, please be aware that the waterproof level should exceed IPX5 when purchasing. The higher the number, the stronger the waterproof ability. The Smartsonic+ electric toothbrush has a full body waterproof rating of IPX7, including a charging base. And increase the anti-leakage process, consumers can safely use safely

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Then we will explain in detail later, IPX5 and IPX7 refer to the waterproof level of the electric toothbrush. The higher the number, the better the waterproof performance, and the 7th level can be fully immersed in water.

1. IPX5 class: Anti-spray type Directly affected by water spray in any direction has no harmful effects.

2. IPX7 grade: The anti-dip type will not enter the interior even under the specified conditions even if it is immersed in water.

In addition, I will recommend 6 points precautions for using electric toothbrushes.

  1. How to recommend electric toothbrushes for the elderly, children or people with disabilities, it is best to choose softer bristles so that they can better protect their gums.

  2. For those with small mouth shape, try to use a small brush head so that you can penetrate deep into the mouth and clean the back teeth, which is more convenient for cleaning each tooth.

  3. Compared with the traditional manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush is driven by electric power, and the brush head moves at a speed of several thousand times or even tens of thousands of times per minute. The efficiency is much higher than that of the manual toothbrush, but it also requires higher bristles, so you According to the 30-second reminder of the toothbrush, the 2-minute brushing mode is combined with scientific brushing. Achieve efficient tooth cleaning.

  4. Since the sonic electric toothbrush has a mandatory vibration function, its force is much greater than that of a normal toothbrush. Therefore, when brushing your teeth, you should reduce the strength by using a normal toothbrush. You only need to place the tooth area and move the position to avoid damage to the teeth and gums caused by excessive force.

  5. At least 2 minutes of brushing time is guaranteed, and the inner, outer and occlusal surfaces of each row of teeth are effectively cleaned, especially the lower tongue surface. It is the most difficult to clean and easy to be missed. It must be cleaned consciously.

  6. according to the birth brush 2 times to calculate, 180 times is about equal to every 3 months to replace the new brush head. After the brush head is used for a period of time, the bristles become rough and easily damage the gums. Experiments have shown that the plaque removed by the new brush head is 30% more than the brush head after 3 months of use. Each product of Smartsonic+ is a brush replacement reminder light. You only need to look at the brush head indicator light, you need to replace the brush head.

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