4 Tips to maintain electric toothbrush

//4 Tips to maintain electric toothbrush

4 Tips to maintain electric toothbrush

Shenzhen Junjiada Electronics Co.Ltd is a professional electric toothbrush manufacturer from Shenzhen,China
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Sonic electric toothbrush is much more expensive than ordinary toothbrush, and usually does not know how to maintain it for the first time.

If you buy a TPE or ABS handle electric toothbrush, this material feels very good, but you need to pay attention to daily maintenance, which will help extend the life of the electric toothbrush. I need to pay attention to what points, I have listed 4 notes for everyone.

1.Keep dry

The Smartsonic+ electric toothbrush is IPX7 rated and we can safely rinse under the tap.

However, waterproof ≠ is not afraid of water.

Many people are used to putting a toothbrush in a cup. If there is water stain on the bottom of the mouth, it is equivalent to keeping the electric toothbrush in the water. This way the toothbrush is kept in a humid environment.

Therefore, we recommend that after brushing your teeth, rinse the toothbrush and try to remove the water, then wipe it with a dry cloth, place it in a clean and ventilated place, and keep it dry.

2.Keep Clean

After using the electric toothbrush for a period of time, there will be a little stain on the brush head interface, the button and the bottom. After you find it, you should clean it in time. You can wipe it with a soft cloth or use the replaced old brush head.

Clean the brush head
Clean the brush head

3.Timely charging

The smartsonic+ electric toothbrush uses a built-in lithium battery, which is the same as a mobile phone. It indicates that the baby needs to be charged in time after the battery is too low, otherwise the battery may be damaged.

Different models of electric toothbrush life time is also different, the new T11 battery life of about 60 days.

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4.Replace the brush head

The dentist recommends changing the toothbrush every 3 months. The electric toothbrush also needs to change the brush head every 3 months.

Smartsonic’s brush head has a special anti-shedding and anti-deformation process. After 3 months, the bristles tend to have no obvious change, but at this time, the rounding protection of the bristles has been invalidated, the bacteria at the root of the bristles are nourished, and the cleaning effect is reduced.

According to the brushing calculation twice a day, after using 180 times, the indicator light of the electric toothbrush replacement brush will light up, and you need to change the brush head at this time.

Therefore, while enjoying the development of electronic technology, we must also learn how to maintain these electronic products.

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