How to deal with dental calculus

//How to deal with dental calculus

How to deal with dental calculus

5 Tips formed the dental calculus.

  1. Did not master the correct method of brushing and oral hygiene habits such as not forming a toothbrush or mouthwash.

  2. The tooth surface is rough, the teeth are not arranged neatly, and the restoration is difficult to clean.

  3. Dental calculus caused by bad eating habits, if you eat soft foods regularly, the calculus deposits faster, and if you eat coarse food, the calculus deposits are blocked.

  4. People who consume more sucrose have more plaque deposits and more soft tartar deposits.

  5. Ingest foods containing more calcium and phosphorus, and form calculus faster.

6 Tips harm of dental calculus

  1. Dental calculus is caused by the long-term lack of cleaning of the deposited bacteria. Dental calculus is actually part of the bacteria, so there are many bacterial toxins on its surface. In addition, the surface of the calculus is very rough, which is conducive to food residue, and the bacteria further adhere to the above, thereby stimulating the surrounding gums, causing congestion of the gums and even atrophy of the gums.In addition, dental calculus can cause periodontitis, inflammation of the mouth, and the accumulation of dental calculus to a certain extent, the compression of the gums can lead to inflammation of the gums, causing periodontal disease, etc.

  2. In terms of the impact image, mild calculus will present a yellow layer of soft dirt on people’s teeth. When the calculus becomes severe, it will become hard and black, which will affect people’s external image. Imagine You have painted beautiful makeup, but when you speak, you reveal a yellow tooth with an unpleasant tone, and the calculus is very damaging to the external image.

  3. Causes oral diseases, teeth are part of the mouth. If there are calculus on the teeth, then the bacteria will also affect the oral hygiene, causing inflammation in the body’s mouth and even causing inflammation of the tonsils. People must not ignore the hazards of calculus. , to do the prevention of dental calculus.

  4. It causes dental disease. The calculus covering the surface of people’s teeth is not motionless. It occasionally stimulates the periodontal tissue. It is easy for people to have periodontitis and bleeding gums. A variety of diseases have emerged, so once people find calculus, they must actively try to cope.

  5. Causes bad breath, the tooth calculus covered on the human teeth contains a lot of food residues and bacteria. The food residue is decomposed and decomposed by the promotion of bacterial saliva, making the teeth become a small garbage dump, then the bad breath appears. The situation is also reasonable.

  6. Infected to the family, there are many bacteria in the calculus. If people eat common tableware in their daily life, it is possible to transmit the bacteria to their families and let their families suffer from different degrees of calculus, so people will have calculus once they have Be active in treatment.

5 Tip How to prevent and treat calculus?

  1. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth after meals. Clean the mouth in time before the accumulation of soft calculus.

  2. Adjust the diet structure, eat more crude fiber foods rich in vitamins, chew thoroughly to use the tooth surface to clean, eat less sweets and sticky food, do not eat snacks.

  3. Oral health check.

  4. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, cleaning teeth is aimed at removing teeth and calculus, and advocate regular and safe tooth cleaning.

  5. 5.Use electric toothbrush to brush your teeth everyday.

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So how much does the electric toothbrush have on the prevention of dental calculus?

In theory, the use of electric toothbrushes is not able to completely remove the calculus.

The electric toothbrush can play the role of deep cleaning of the teeth, mainly by using a high-speed motor to make the brush head vibrate. When the human body brushes teeth, an electric toothbrush is placed on the teeth, which effectively removes the food residue on the tooth surface by vibration and rotation. However, calculus is a calcified substance, and the accumulation of a long time will become stronger. These stubborn and hard calculus can not be removed with an electric toothbrush.

However, a very small number of sonic electric toothbrushes generate high-frequency vibration through the rapid vibration of the motor core, which instantly breaks down the toothpaste into fine foam and deeply cleans the teeth. At the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote the blood circulation of the mouth. The gum tissue has a massage effect. The vibration frequency reaches 24000~33000 times / mins.

Among them, SmartSonic+ has a function of polishing the toothbrush, up to an average of 33000times. In the early stage of the formation of calculus and tartar, it is necessary to use the polishing function. After several times of use, the tartar can be removed, and I personally experience it.

Therefore, if you want to save the cost of cleaning your teeth in a dental clinic, it is necessary to choose a multi-functional electric toothbrush. Usually, the price of such products in China is more than 35 US dollars. The functions are clean, white, polished. Gum care, and products that cost around $10-20 are not so versatile.

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