How to choose an electric toothbrush for you

//How to choose an electric toothbrush for you

How to choose an electric toothbrush for you

With the development of electronic technology, various brands of electric toothbrush appear in front of consumers in recent years. When you don’t understand the electric toothbrush, different styles, multiple functions, different prices, it is difficult to choose a suitable toothbrush for a while.

For me personally, I have used sonic electric toothbrush for 4 years. I am a frequent traveler, so an electric toothbrush that is easy to carry, easy to disassemble, and has a long battery life is definitely the best for me. The following is the electric toothbrush that I have been using. He has 5 functions, whitening teeth, protecting gums, cleaning tongue coating, and a novice mode.

Through my years of experience using electric toothbrushes, give some advice to the article you are reading.

Quality, I think everyone wants to buy a product that is cheap and good, so the first standard for choosing an electric toothbrush is a good quality. There is no after-sales problem. The core component of the electric toothbrush is the motor. The number of revolutions of the motor is preferably between 20600 and 33300,

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The battery, the battery of the electric toothbrush on the market is divided into dry batteries and built-in lithium batteries. The electric toothbrush of the dry battery is very common, basically has no big effect and is no different from the ordinary toothbrush. The electric toothbrush with built-in lithium battery is also divided into two types, one is USB fast charging and the other is wireless charging. Electric toothbrush, and wireless charging will also be a variety of charging methods, the following is the wireless charging I use, transparent bottom, 5V, 1A, general charging treasure, notebooks can charge the toothbrush. Very convenient to use.

Hand feel, you may want to ask, why do you pick a toothbrush and feel with hand? Because of the size of the handle of the toothbrush and the material used on the outside, it determines the feeling of holding the toothbrush, and of course the feeling of the toothbrush. TPE soft rubber, ABS material is good, if the design can be smoother, the size is suitable for the best.

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Brush head, brush head is very important, I use a soft brush head, because my gums are easy to bleed, if you and I are the same, it is recommended to use a soft hair brush, some businesses call it allergic brush head.

Waterproof level, electric toothbrush, built-in battery, safety is a very important step, then the waterproof level must reach IPX7 or above. Both the toothbrush and the charging stand are waterproof to IPX7. If the toothbrush is not reached, the water level of the charging stand must reach IPX7.

Function, about the function, this really depends on the individual, some people like him more functional, some people like him is a sonic electric toothbrush on the line, do not need too many functional choices.

In short, the motor quality is good, the sound frequency is suitable, plus the strength that suits you, no matter how many functions, you can see your preference.

If you want to know the electric toothbrush I use, you can go to this website to see the detailed parameters, if you still don’t understand, consult the merchant directly.

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