• Do I need to charge my electric toothbrush device 24 hours before my first use?

    >Please charge your device before the first use as they may not be fully charged upon arrival.

  • I’ve lost my charger. How can I get a new one?

    >  You can order a new charger on  #.

  • How do I charge my Toothbrush device

    >  Gently insert your USB cable or the cable of your charger into your device’s charging port. When the device is fully charged.

  • Will my charger work in different countries if I use an adapter

    > The input voltage of our devices starts at 110 V and goes up to 240 V, so you may use it worldwide with the correct adapter.

  • How often should I charge my toothbrush device

    > Battery life varies by product, but generally you should charge your toothbrush device only when the LED indicator begins flashing to tell you that the battery is running low.

  • How often should I change my brush head ?

    > everyday for three months.

  • Can I use Smart Sonic + brush head on other brand toothbrush ?

    > No, our brush head only for our products, all of models could be use same brush head .

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